Write a Guest Post

By | July 22, 2012

This article provides tips for writing a guest post.

Small Business Tech no-longer accepts guest posts, unless the person is invited to write an article. There was a time when I did accept guest post submissions, but it was a time consuming process, often with little in return for the website. So I decided to write an article providing useful guest posting tips.

So again please note I do not accept guest post submissions anymore, unless invited, so this article is providing tips for when people are posting elsewhere.

Tip 1 – Comply fully with the guidelines.

When I used to receive articles, they often didn’t comply with the guidelines, which I found incredibly frustrating. How hard is it to read guidelines? If someone goes to the effort to write guidelines, then not only should you comply with them, but also it will reduce the admin overheads and increase your chances of having your article accepted. If people don’t agree with guidelines, they shouldn’t submit their articles.

Tip 2 – Don’t chase people without good reason.

I was often unnecessarily chased with questions when a guest post was going to be published, even though I clearly stated when people can chase. i.e. after a week. Bizarrely some people would submit a guest post on a Friday afternoon and then chase over the weekend, else a Monday morning. Website administrators do like time off, so make sure you are not transferring your priorities onto others.

Tip 3 – Make sure the author details are worth reading.

Often writers will see the bio / author details as a good way to place a link or two. Sure guest post writing is about getting a link and increasing the visibility and traffic levels of the site being linked to, but also it is an opportunity to establish a reputation for good articles. So of course when possible include a link in the author profile, but also see it as an opportunity to tell the world about the author, not just a product, service, business or website being linked to.

Tip 4 – Plan your articles.

I received so many articles, which were obviously the result of someone writing without planning and research, often accompanied by little formatting or even grammar checking. Take the time to produce quality articles, it will increase your chance of being accepted.

I hope these tips help people with their guest posting experience.