Your worries over the damaged storage media are genuine – But with innovative data recovery service providers, all your data can be recovered

By | December 14, 2011

The term ‘Data’ is the plural form of the Latin word, ‘Datum’. Data refers to a piece of information about a variable or any object. In computer world, data can be anything, such as documents, files, folders, photos, music, videos etc. With every instance of usage, a user stores many personal as well as professional data on his/her computer.

At times, due to some accidental or unexpected incidents your important data gets lost or becomes inaccessible. If the data has been lost due to any logical reasons, such as accidental deletion, formatting, operating system malfunction, file system corruption or virus/malware infection, then the lost data can be recovered using any data recovery software. However, the data has been inaccessible due to any physical damage to the media; you need to take the help of any data recovery service provider. Refer to this blog:

If the storage media, containing all your important data in it gets physically damaged, the operating system fails to boot into the drive and thus data becomes inaccessible. Physical damage to the storage media can be of many types – Mechanical failure, Electrical Failure, Firmware Failure.

In case of Mechanical Failure, the electro-mechanical components in the storage media get displaced or damaged, following which the media stops functioning.

In case of Electrical Failure, the hard drive components get damaged by burning due to any electrical shot-circuit or similar reasons.

The firmware of the storage media is an important part, which communicates in between the hardware and the operating system. Firmware gets corrupted due to virus or malware infection.

In case of Mechanical and Electrical failures, the storage media needs to be repaired inside CLASS 100 Clean Room environment. Only after repairing, the data can be recovered.

Note that CLASS 100 Clean Room is a specially maintained laboratory environment, in which there are less than 100 number of dust particles present per cubic foot of air. Moreover, the dust particles are below the size of 0.5 microns.

Similarly, the firmware corruption requires high-end analysis and re-programming by expert programmers. Recovery of lost/inaccessible data from physically damaged data storage media is an extremely difficult task. And as the job needs experience, expertise and many highly advanced utilities, it is suggested to be carried out only through professional data recovery service providers.

This guest post is written by Aalya Andrew. She is a data recovery expert and writes about various data loss incidents and discuss about how to recover them with the help of data recovery services.